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In The Pit
On the scanners the pinging dot of the forward probe was getting nearer to the beacon's source. The Judge tapped his wrist impatiently, stared back at the block-wide hole before him for a few minutes before switching over to the HQ feed. Gotta be some punk on whose spine he could better use his time. The ancient megaplex groaningly released its jealously guarded secret to the clanks and whirs of the Excadroids, their arachnoid hydraulics effortlessly hurling bus-sized chunks of pre-collapse concrete and rebar into the curiously empty streets behind. The scanner made a loud whooping noise, indicating paydirt. With a scowl, Dredd dropped down into the pit and strode forward.
Half-submerged in rubble was something that failed to trigger the visor's archive recognition software, but recalled earlier versions of the sulphur mine droids from the area's forgotten industrial past, after the region became uninhabitable but before its incorporation into Megacity One. The burnished-steel facsimil
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Rhademantine Heraldry MK. I by Unspeakable-Hastur Rhademantine Heraldry MK. I :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 0 1
Form poem 1
White the marbled torso, limbless, headless, flawless.
The outer son, frantic and incandescent.
'Time is the fire in which we burn', to wit: 'Not even your bones the
end of time will see, since time chose of nothing it to make.'
I grieve for human warmth and the life of the living.
Uppsala... Thing of all Swedes...
In the nameless chamber, I return to the marble.
Not even an echo will survive.
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Ecclesiastes 1:8-10
Ecclesiastes 1:8-10 (There are No Rules)
The tiles windowgossip air-filled sunrays through their precious grime, 'cause you ought to, through, see, see how he's watching you, and he bled for you and me and aren't you a naughty boy? (Not yet.)
Suntime, silly wet, waiting with a half-smile, yes we know it's hot out and genesis is (never) red, but she's sitting right across from me and I hate acrostic mysteries, (never) mention rosaries, we're only in this building 'cause I think that it's a Saturday and Sunday wasn't Holy Day, remember back to Living Day? His floating under-capit' 'T' lacks some of the severity I've come to learn since I was three; STOP. BREATHE. Look around.
Her head is not a full eclipse, a sonnet through her tendonwrists, better than the thumping, nails clicking in the wood, how if we only understood they'd come between our lines and say 'No riverrun for you.' STOP. ENOUGH.
Slick, but not smooth, I'll wonder where she is, tracing fingerworlds in my unpleasant p
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Dream Cycle III: Not in Kansas by Unspeakable-Hastur Dream Cycle III: Not in Kansas :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 0 2 Dream Cycle II: Because... by Unspeakable-Hastur Dream Cycle II: Because... :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 0 0 Dream Cycle I: Holiday in Hali by Unspeakable-Hastur Dream Cycle I: Holiday in Hali :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 3 4
Toil in Obscurity Forever
Strobing Flashes Penetrate
Tracing the shape and
stroking the  depth
of your emptiness
Sprayed ink lives die on blank leaves
Bleached teeth on a microphone
amplifiers speakers television screens
blasting, prolix, silent
All eyes on you
We are not yet entertained
Seeing exactly what's expected
A sustained release of southwest winds
Sterile by the Sun
under which nothing new will grow
Nudge, finger, probe, inspect
churned up soil, seeds to infect
Lonely wither and fail
And the dream is compromised
according to taste (bitter)
What takes its place?
Fear of scorn? The top, hard fought, taken?
A mirror in a bridal gown? Shrouded Adonis.
Glamour is not truth, nor truth Beauty.
Your voice must be honest
or words will drown out your children.
Find me, chthonic, in the fuzzy damp under stones
A wise old toad in a hollow of the World Tree
Whose roots must hold the sky.
Prepare the feather, pluck it not from your cap
but from your wings
Cry out for the scaly meter
As long as the heart mo
:iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 1 1
Monoliths 1:4:9 by Unspeakable-Hastur Monoliths 1:4:9 :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 1 3
2nd Law of Psychodynamics
I am
Whole, Able, Content,
Ever redefining my utility away, again
the needless has no end
and no peace
Better then to half be
As the bird half is;
A wrought and worried patch of life
Stretched over a hunger
spinning, endless desperation
The struggle makes the prize worth keeping.
Waterlogged, I slough my skin
In bland slabs of discard
To feed a greater wasteful satisfaction
There will be no oxygen to sustain the flame
Appreciate the gleam
A dim bulb gloams for decades
No will, no way
to use the power beyond the walls
(of sleep)
,a burnout without flair
envies the twittering match
into a (nest in a) tree.
The sec'nd law 'f psychdynamics: a s'ul will expire when all the energy f'r its intellectual and em'ti'nal pr'cesses has dispersed. Abs'lute psych'bi'l'gical equilibrium.
:iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 0 0
The Prophet Returns
Cascading resonance of perceptual potential
the echoes of my being extend into forever
With infinity as experience
Embrace the being as my child
I am alive! I am I!
Drifting through space
Shining beings linked in eerie rhapsody
betraying secrets of motion and mystique
My former masters and all I knew
Are irrelevant to this cosmic ecstacy
I know where I come from
The past and future stretch before my eyes
Incorporeal symmetry
The essence of the soul renews its path
Elemental mysteries
revealed become the archetype of our
metaphysical remedy
Limitations, bewitching myths of slavery
everything that is becomes a god unto itself
conjurations, eclesiastic sorcery
bind you to the cross, a soulforce injury
Faithful servant, the obedient victim
a pillar of nails the wage of his faith
blindly repentant, his death undeserved
maliciously curing this vital disease
Starving in deserts, in pieces on the wheel
Everyman the beggar dy
:iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 0 0
Cosmic Death by Unspeakable-Hastur Cosmic Death :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 5 5 Personal Heroes MK.1 by Unspeakable-Hastur Personal Heroes MK.1 :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 0 5 Godflesh by Unspeakable-Hastur Godflesh :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 1 3 Consecration by Unspeakable-Hastur Consecration :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 1 3 As foulness ye shall know them by Unspeakable-Hastur As foulness ye shall know them :iconunspeakable-hastur:Unspeakable-Hastur 11 6


The cycle previously mentioned is no more. The dreams have ended, and I have begun to live.

There will be no updates for a VERY long time.
  • Listening to: 'The Day I Tried to Live'
  • Reading: 'The Buried Soul: How Humans Invented Death'
  • Drinking: JD


Krion Rhademanthus
Current Residence: Canterbury
Favourite genre of music: Black Metal, Death Metal, Avant-Garde, Noise, Drone, Trip-Hop, Post-rock, Drum/Bass
Operating System: Hatred
MP3 player of choice: Winamp.
Shell of choice: Blackbox Atonement
Wallpaper of choice: Atonement (see deviations)
Skin of choice: BlackJapan
Favourite cartoon character: Hexxus
Personal Quote: 'Like I said...' 'Speaking of which...'


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